It is not the desire of this ministry for anyone to feel obligated to contribute financially for the personal use of any of these resources, or for teaching in your places of ministry. Still, there are three reasons why this page is here.

First, the expenses of operating an online ministry are not great but they exist. The greatest cost is the number of hard copies of books or booklets given away for the purpose of ministry at no cost to the recipient. That being the case, if you feel in your heart that you would like to offer some support, it is welcomed.

Second, some people have a gift of giving (Romans 12:6-8), and it would be inappropriate for me to take the blessing of giving away from them if the Lord leads them to do so.

Finally, there many be people or ministries who would find it beneficial to have printed copies of some of the material, but couldn’t afford it. Excess resources could be used to help in situations like that.

Please note that ‘Above-All-Else, a Christian Ministry’ is NOT a registered charity as of yet and CANNOT offer a receipt for income tax purposes. There is no board of directors or a leadership body.. Any support given must be viewed as nothing more than a personal gift to Tim Lukings, but will be used for the continuation and growth of this ministry.

If you choose to make a gift, or to cover the cost of producing and shipping printed material to you, e-transfer is easy < >; as is PayPal (see below). If you prefer to use a cheque, the address is on the ‘Contact’ page. Cheques should be made payable to Tim Lukings, and mailed to the address on the Contact’ page.

God bless you!

ABOVE ALL ELSE, a Christian Ministry

Please note that ‘’ is NOT a registered charity. Receipts for income tax purposes cannot be given.


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