Booking Request

Please complete all of the information requested below, print and either scan them and email to, or mail them to the address provided below. Tim will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Current Date: ______________________________________

Dates requested for ministry: Month _____________ Day(s)_______________ Year _________


___ Sunday morning sermon only

___ Saturday workshop(s) plus Sunday morning sermon (# of workshops ___)

___ Preach a series of sermons with personal ministry following

___ Sunday morning sermon plus and afternoon or evening workshop

___ Sunday morning sermon, evening workshops and closing rally

___ Other (please provide as much detail as possible)



___ I would like Tim to present a Bible based study on the following subject:


___ I would like Tim to prayerfully consider the topic of study and determine himself what direction to take for this period of ministry


Travel Expense

Number of kilometers from Chatham, Ontario to your location _______________

Return mileage X2 ______________

Total kilometers ______________

Amount per kilometer $ 0.55

Total travel cost ______________


  1. If we are coming from a different location, you will be advised in advance. This would only serve to reduce expenses. The above calculation would be the maximum travel expense
  2. If we are travelling to another ministry location from yours then there would be no return travel expense
  3. It would be helpful, but not mandatory, if the travel cost could be received at least one day before the ministry begins

I confirm that these travel expenses are agreeable and will be paid:

___ At least one day prior to the determined ministry start day

___ By cheque (payable to Tim Lukings)

___ By etransfer (payable to

___ At the conclusion of the ministry period, by cheque (payable to Tim Lukings)

Compensation for Ministry

___ We will pay Tim according to our church’s policy regarding honourarium for guest speakers

___ We will take a love offering from the congregation, giving them opportunity to express appreciation for Tim’s ministry (Please note that ‘Above All Else’ is not yet a registered charity and receipts for income tax purposes cannot be given)

Books and Booklets

___ It is okay for Tim to display and make the two books and some of the thirteen booklets that he has written available to be purchased at minimal cost

___ We prefer that Tim does not display or make books available for purchase


It is agreeable for Tim and his wife Kris to:

___ Park their bus in the church parking lot

___ Connect to church electricity

___ Connect to church water

Us Contacting You

  • Church or venue name: __________________________________________________________________
  • Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Venue phone number: ___________________________________________________________________
  • Pastor or Primary contact person’s name: ________________________________________________
  • Pastor or contact person’s cell phone: ___________________________________________________
  • The best email address to use: __________________________________________________________

Your Contacting Us

Above All Else

Tim and Kris Lukings

21 Veranda Court, Chatham, Ontario N7L 0B4


Cell # 519-437-8391


Pastor or primary contact person’s signature: ____________________________________________

Tim Lukings’ signature: __________________________________________________________________

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