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Fruit Loose And Fancy Tree

The early church didn’t have fancy buildings. They hadn’t attended any church growth seminars. All they had was a simple faith, a determination to serve God with absolute abandon, and a resolve to work together in unqualified unity to achieve the purposes of God. That church grew from 120 to over 5,000 in a matter of days. Their Christ-like character and their godly lifestyle allowed for the power of God to flow through them in their message and their ministry. The fruit of their lives bore the fruit of souls for the Kingdom of God. That’s the way it is meant to work.

Today’s church is different. We have beautiful church buildings. We have the New Testament teachings in our Bibles. Workshops and seminars on how to grow a church and to be effective in evangelism are available to us continuously. Still, when we look at the impact of our lives and our churches we pale in comparison to that of the early church fathers.

Fruit Loose and Fancy Tree offers biblical truths and principles that, when applied, will align our character and lifestyle with that of Christ’s. When we are consistent in the application of these principles the anointing of Christ will be released through our lives to fulfill the purpose we have been given as a church. That purpose is to bear spiritual fruit for the kingdom and glory of God. We need to forget the fancy and bear the fruit.

The Road to Revival

Pastor Scott of Nationside Pentecostal Church writes: “I think it’s awesome and would certainly love to use it as teaching material. Your insights are very deep and have challenged me in my own walk.”

Barb: “I am thoroughly enjoying your book. It is straight forward, easy to read, truth revealing and exciting – all at the same time. I am wanting to highlight the heck out of this book.”

The road to revival is not long and winding.  For decades, churches, pastors, and Christian folks that I have been associated with have called out to God for revival.  We have asked God repeatedly to send His Holy Spirit in power.  I’ve come to realize that revival is not God’s responsibility.  It is ours.  He has already sent His Holy Spirit.  The life and power of God is readily available to us.  He is not holding back.  The answer to our prayer for revival will come by revelation of what we must do in our own lives and churches to make way for an increased measure of His Spirit to flow through us.  This book focuses on Scripture that will guide us to the areas of our life that require further construction, repair, or that have roadblocks to be torn down.  As we do the proper maintenance on the road to revival, the promises of God’s Word will become our present reality. (Joel 2:28, Ephesians 1:18-20)

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